Tribal Police

The Sycuan Tribal Police Department provides safety for all tribal residents and visitors. The department’s police officers enforce both tribal ordinances and applicable federal laws on the reservation, and work closely with other law enforcement agencies to maintain a safe environment on the Sycuan Reservation.

Chief William Denke oversees a staff of 11 state-trained Police Officers and seven Police Service Officers. The officers patrol the reservation and respond to calls for service seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Currently the police department has a written agreement with the U.S. Department of Interior which cross deputizes Sycuan’s police officers as federal law enforcement officers. The agreement enables them to better serve the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation by giving statutory criminal authority to Sycuan’s police officers over Native and non-Native people alike.

The department maintains effective working relationships with other nearby law enforcement agencies by providing additional coverage that includes off-reservation traffic control and arrest situations. The Tribal Police Department independently reports to the Sycuan Tribal Government.

For information or emergencies, please call 619-445-2172.